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Marcus A. Ross has over 20 years of experience in the legal industry. Since he earned his law license in 1997, Attorney Marcus A. Ross has been committed to fighting for justice. He helps clients with both criminal and civil cases, treating each matter with the importance it deserves. Every client is different, with some unique circumstances, and Attorney Marcus A. Ross takes the time to find out the best way to help each person.

Not afraid to ask the hard questions, Columbus Attorney Marcus A. Ross stands up for his clients. Sometimes making the news because of his hard line, he isn’t afraid to state your case when it matters.

Criminal Defense – DUI/DWI

Attorney Marcus A. Ross has successfully defended clients with almost every kind of criminal charge, including robbery and theft. As a former prosecutor,  he knows how the other side thinks, and uses that to help take apart the State’s case. As a litigator, he welcomes a challenge if there is no better way to resolve your case. While he is a skilled negotiator, he also brings much skill and experience to trials. He enjoys his time in the courtroom. Most people who have been arrested for drunk driving have never been arrested before, and may feel overwhelmed by the process. Your driving privileges may already be revoked.

Attorney Marcus A. Ross can help you protect your driving privileges, while working on the other part of your defense. He knows how much you depend on your license to take care of yourself and your loved ones.

Employment and Labor Law

You need to work to live, but sometimes people take advantage of you there. You may be treated unfairly,  or threatened with the  loss of your job if you complain about what’s happening. You may even be a victim of wrongful termination if you stand up for yourself. You need to stand up for your rights. Only by taking a stand can you get the peace of mind you deserve. Attorney Marcus A. Ross has dealt with many labor-related cases and wants to help you with yours.

Employment Law Marcus A. Ross has also practiced in the United States District Court and at the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals.

If you want Service, Commitment, Excellence and Results,  call Marcus A. Ross Attorney at Law LPA today.


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