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Criminal Defense

The laws involving the operation of a motor vehicle are strict in Ohio. The courts have zero tolerance for drunk driving and traffic violations can result in hefty fines, loss of license and other penalties if you are found guilty. That’s why it’s in your best interest to work with an experienced Columbus DWI/traffic violations attorney if you have been charged with a crime or issued a citation. At Marcus A. Ross Attorney at Law, we will fight for you.


Franklin County Attorney Marcus A. Ross has been successfully helping clients with contested matters since he earned his law license 20 years ago. As someone who also once worked for the city prosecutor, he has insight into how best to help his clients defend their cases. Attorney Marcus A. Ross treats every client as if they were his only client at the moment, giving his undivided energy and attention to your problems.

Employment and Labor

Your employer has a legal and ethical duty to provide a workplace where employees are treated fairly. If you have been wronged in the workplace, you need to have someone on your side fighting for justice. A Columbus employment and labor attorney can help ensure you are getting fair terms from your employer. Whether you are dealing with a wrongful termination, unfair payment practices or an unsafe work environment, you can trust Marcus A. Ross Attorney at Law, LPA, can help.

Wrongful Termination

Ohio is an at-will employment state which means that essentially, an employer can fire an employee and an employee can quit at any time without either one of them providing a reason. But, there is more to the story. There are certain laws that cannot be violated and an employer may not terminate employees if the reason for the termination violates public policy.

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